With all buildings, you are faced with the decision as to whether you should replace or repair a roof that has more than about 12 years old. Roofing replacement can be expensive, but consider this. A repair job can be a waist of money because of the condition of your roof. Typically once your roof starts leaking after the average life span of the roofing material has expired, patching your old roof can be costly. When replacing your roof the materials vary widely in price. Clay tiles are the most expensive, with the 3 tab asphalt roofing shingles being the least. Roofing materials also change a lot depending on design and thickness.

The most obvious time to repair a roof is after wind or storm damage. You will experience dark spots on ceilings or even worse, dripping water that will damage the drywall and interior. If it persists, the roof decking will rot, causing even more expensive repairs. Some people try to get around this by using roofing tar which is only a temporary fix. A good tip - when you are looking at a home you might plan on buying, check to see if the roof has been recently replaced if not it might be a wise investment to finance a new roof in with the purchase of the home.

Research indicates that the aging process for a roof begins soon after the shingles are installed and progresses rapidly during the initial curing phase of its life cycle. During this stage, granule loss may occur, small blisters may develop, or the shingles may curl slightly at their edges. You may even notice that this curling is more pronounced during cold weather and the shingles may life flat as temperatures rise. The good news, however, is that after this curing stage the shingles enter a long period of slow aging, which lasts for the major portion of the shingle's natural life.

When To Replace, The rule of thumb is to replace a roof if one third of it is damaged or the roof is on the last quarter of its life span. Deciding to replace a roof has a lot more factors than just deciding to paint the house. Here is a list of things to help you determine if the roof needs replacement:

For shingle roofs you will notice that you see a lot more of the black roofing asphalt. The small rocks have fallen off and the roofing shingle has become brittle.

Interior walls or ceiling are blistered or there are dark spots on the ceiling Obvious leaking in the interior after a hard wind driven rain.

Signs of water damage or discoloration in attic spaces. .

Shingles are curling up or appear cracked. This can be checked easily from the ground with binoculars. Signs of algae buildup, or dirty looking shingles in different areas of the roof.

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