Marshall's LLC- Air Conditioning and Roofing in Lakeland and Central Florida.


Roofing Services

We provide residential and commercial roof repair, reroof and re roofing services, as well as complete professional roof replacement. You can rest assured that when you choose Marshalls LLC Roofing to serve your roofing needs, you’ve made the best choice among the roofing options and roofing companies in the Lakeland and all of the Central Florida area.

We don't take chances with unproven brands. We only work with the top manufacturers that have warranties and install them according to specifications. Your roof is designed to protect everything you own. We make sure it does its job.



Roofs in Florida have to be built to withstand extreme wind, heavy rains, hail, and scorching heat. It is likely that as a property owner, you will encounter roof damage as a result of the weather, and the integrity of your roof will simply become compromised as it ages.



The rule of thumb is to replace a roof if one third of it is damaged or the roof is on the last quarter of its life span. Deciding to replace a roof has a lot more factors than just deciding to paint the house.



When we perform our roof inspections, our goal is to avoid premature re-roof and re roofing costs when the possibility exists for your roof to look and perform like new again for a fraction of roof replacement costs